Sugar Candy

‘Sugar Candy’ is a song about grappling with aging parents.  I wrote it, played it, and sang it, and Tom Ryan recorded it live at Fitzgerald’s in Berwyn, Illinois during my father's last summer. 

The video is from July 2021…


Ilsabe O’Connell-Schlingensiepen Curley: Have fun and be grateful

Ilsabe's reviews say it all: "Great lyrics, distinctively sung," "a voice that's comfortable being both playful and plaintive," and my favorite: "Wherever her muse leads her will be a place worth visiting." 

Ilsabe O’Connell-Schlingensiepen Curley, in addition to being a…


Unforgettable: Haiku Milieu at Uncommon Ground Lakeview

July 15, 2021.  The 8th Haiku Milieu concert at Uncommon Ground Lakeview, and the first one live and in person since the start of the pandemic. 

It was all we were hoping for and more: an incredible spectacle of friendship…


Heather Styka: "Have you been working on anything new?"

Heather Styka: singer, songwriter, poet.  She sings smart, disarming songs with vintage vocals.  

I met Heather when she was just graduating college, shortly before she was the first place winner in the Big Top Chautauqua Songwriting Competition, then second place…


"A Stranger to Talk To"

Each Sunday, I send the Sunday Haiku Milieu email. The first Sunday of each month is New Song Sunday, and I include a new song.  Here is this month’s song, “Stranger.” 


There are two versions: the Sunday Haiku…


Ashley & Simpson: be true to yourself and each other to be free

Ashley & Simpson are Jennifer Ashley and Joel Simpson. Jennifer is a classically trained pianist, and also plays guitar and banjo; Joel plays guitar, mandolin, dobro, banjo and bass.  

Ashley & Simpson are folk scene favorites.  They bring traditional and…




not everything  
has to go on forever  
to be a success  
a relationship  
after all is said and done  
is merely a ship  
sailing the high seas  
one wave after another  
of more aliveness  
though you set the course  …


Jonas Friddle and Anna Jacobson: The Moon This Morning

Jonas Friddle:  the man, the myth, the legend.  You can find more about him  here:

As his website will tell you, Jonas Friddle is a singer, songwriter and Old-Time banjo player whose songs have received The John Lennon Songwriting…


You'll know when it's happening, but not what it means.

A year ago, this weekend, my Dad made his transition from this life, to the next.  

Though we did not know it, my husband Robin's Mom was preparing to make her transition too.  She left this earth one week to…


Jenny's ABCs

"No" is not my favorite word.  I don't love it when a big old "no" comes at me, especially when it is coming FROM me. 

We live in a world of contrast.  "Yes" is as meaningful as it is, as…