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Good Company is good 

by Jenny Bienemann 
not the kind for whom 
you will need to clean the house 
before they come in 
also not the kind 
that you will worry about 
worrying too much 
and especially 
not the kind that lives to help 
not right now, at least 
only those who speak 
the language of your silence 
keep you company 
those who need nothing 
who only want you to know 
you are not alone 
who’d take off their shoes 
and tiptoe over to you 
squeeze your hand, then leave 

shutting your door tight 

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Haiku at Twilight and One Line Just This Long 

It was EPIC! 

The July 28, Haiku Milieu at Twilight at Montrose Saloon was one for the record books.  

For the first time ever, the songwriters were supported by a rhythm section of some of the most in-demand players in Chicago, John Abbey and Dan Leali on bass and drums respectively. 

John and Dan deepened the intimacy and vulnerability that characterizes Haiku Milieu shows with their sometimes gentle, sometimes insistent, always expansive accompaniment on 14 brand new songs inspired by a Haiku…

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7.28.22: Haiku Milieu at Twilight, Montrose Saloon 

This coming Thursday, July 28 at Montrose Saloon is the first-ever Haiku Milieu at Twilight! 

Two Haiku Milieu regulars, Andon Davis and Chris Neville came running up to me after a show, saying "Hear us out!  Don't say no!" and pitched the idea of Haiku Milieu After Dark, a sort of sexy haiku songs concept.  

Most things in life can be bought if you have the money. But the things that make your life worth living?  No money, no bargain, no trades will do the trick.  You literally cannot purchase…

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Annie Capps: How Can I Say This? 

I am so proud of Annie Capps. 

She is an incredible friend, gifted artist (multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer) and an inveterate supporter of other artists.  She's about to say some very nice things about me (and to be honest it goes on a bit...(blush)) but the truth is we do have a a love affair of a kind. 

Annie, in addition to being brilliant, has a special gift of bringing people together in a way that makes everybody feel like they've always been together, even if they have only been…

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Kira Small: You Don't Have To Read Music To Nail It To the Wall 

Continuing our Texas theme for the final blog of June 2022, I wanted to share a piece of writing by our dear friend Kira Small.  

We met years ago at a music conference, see each other rarely, and keep in touch via the Social Medias.  When she announced, "Kerrville, I'm home!" I "loved" it on FB and hoped our paths would cross - and they did!  Our time together was hilarious, heartfelt, and altogether too short.  It reminded me that I have been wanting to share her writing with you for some time. 

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Plus ones and The Teakettle Whistles 

This photo is me getting a taste of my own medicine from wonderful singer and songwriter Kirsten Maxwell.  

I had just taken entirely-too-close-up shots of the Kerrville finalists who were still around on Saturday night, and she insisted that it was my turn.  Turns out, either she's great at capturing the moment, or my medicine is delicious!  My money is on the former.  

Still processing all that happened a week ago in Texas.  

I loved being there.  I attended as Robin's "plus one," and Kirsten…

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Before Anything 

Before anything  

did or did not go as planned  

you were just yourself  


And afterwards, when  

you got or did not get what   

you had hoped you would  


you were still there; but  

now with an experience   

you think defines you  



have enough of these  

and you can start to lose track  

of just who you are  


am I the result  

of the responses I get  

to the things I do;  


or, is who I am  

valuable no matter what  

the response may be? 



if you still have to 

prove yourself…

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Bless All The Mothers 

There she is, my mom. Isn't she lovely?  She doesn’t want me to tell you how old she is.  She tells me she reads this, but I have my doubts.  I bet I could get away with it.  Still, out of an abundance of caution and even more love, I won't. 

What IS important for me to tell you about this mom of mine is that her name is Loretta Anna Carla Marie Therese Lind McCarthy.  She was an only child, raised during the Great Depression by her mother, my grandmother Constance (Connie) who I never met, a…

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Good Enough is All Perfect Was Trying To Be 

Fun week!  Fun couple of weeks, actually, with Easter and a college reunion.  Even so, the most fun thing I do all week is put together this Sunday Haiku Milieu email. 

So imagine this morning, when I realized I hadn't, gulp, posted *anything* haiku related all week, I thought...rut roh!  Best get to finishing some of these half started ideas...for the email. The email!  

But really? That's just the reason I gave myself to do what I wanted to do anyway. 

When the day is done, most artists would…

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Sliding Home 

You only get one group of THOSE college friends. 

You know the ones I mean.  In our case, we spent from 9 am - 1 pm together, and then depending on what shows we were working on, we were together from 7 pm - 11:00 pm.  Then of course, going across the street for Irish nachos and drinks until 1 am.  We were inseparable, less by choice than circumstance, and it was wonderful. And sometimes, terrible!  But mostly, even at the time and most definitely in retrospect, wonderful. 

We had a reunion at the…

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