"THAT" is the only "WHY" we ever need

Who knows why something resonates. I wish I knew. 

Once, I was a substitute teacher and got to work with two sets of students in a row. The first class was incredible: they were doing what they did at a very high level, were harmonious and encouraging of each other, and really just needed someone to hold the space so they would keep doing what they were doing.

The next class started later, was at a higher skill level, and while very invested in each other and each other’s work, they were fractious, testy at times with each other, calling each other out. The work they were doing would not have been perceived as more “successful” than the early group, but it was…way more interesting. Challenging. The second group was the group that was making the work that was pushing the whole industry into new places.

One class was being good. The other class was simply being.

If you are a songwriter, a poet, or even practitioner of the gentle art of being a friend...why did you want to become "good" at what you do? To help people feel better? To help make sense of your and their lives?

Or, was it to prove to yourself that you can do it? To prove to someone who said you couldn’t, that you could? To belong?

What I'm hoping Haiku Milieu does is remind us that while the "why" matters, it is less important than the “that:”
- That we want to make things.
- That it is our nature to create.
- That enjoying the process of making things is our birthright, even if no one else understands the finished product.

Whether we call ourselves artists or not, we are a creators who can't help but create.

And THAT'S the only "why" we ever need to make anything.


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