The Sunday Haiku Milieu Club

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HAIKU MILIEU images and haiku by Jenny Bienemann

Jenny is an award winning poet, singer, songwriter, and visual artist. 

She wakes up, looks around, takes a picture or makes a drawing, and sets it to words.  Then she invites her friends to write songs to them.  You can hear these songs at the Haiku Milieu YouTube Channel.  

Jenny lives with her husband singer, songwriter and visual artist Robin Bienemann through the graciousness of their cat Tristan, who permits them to live in his home.

With three critically acclaimed studio albums and two live albums to her credit, she is on the staff of The Old Town School of Folk Music and has given workshops at Lamb's Retreat for Songwriters, Friendly School of Folk Music, Folk Alliance International and more.  She's woven together two meditations, CREATE and BUILD, which she offers weekday mornings on Zoom via Zoom.  For more information, visit

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