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This Thanksgiving Sunday's Haiku Milieu is a celebration of our dear and beloved family and friends near and far, like those in the photo the band The Zimmerman, taken mere moments before we went onstage for our annual Black Friday concert of The Last Waltz at FitzGerald's.

Photo by Jeff Givens backstage at FitzGerald's, November 24, 2023

I hope you, too had a spectacular Thanksgiving weekend with friends and family doing all the things that remind you that…

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Mimi and Ezra 

When my daughter was little and learning to speak, she called everyone in the family by the second half of their first names.  So my dad, Grandpa, was “Papa;” her dad, Daddy, was “Didi;” my mom, Grandma (who would ultimately adopt the moniker Gams) was “Mama;” and I, Mommy, was “Mimi.”


So it happened that my son had a son, and when it came time for him to call me something, we settled on Mimi.


I love my name.


I, of course, call him Ezra. His parents call him E-Z. He is wrapped in love on both sides of his…

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Shadows lengthen and home fires burn brighter 

It’s a special time of year.

We are a tuning to the cycles of the Earth, the temporary fallowness of the fields, and all that we may have neglected in ourselves in the rush to make the most of the sunlit hours of the warm seasons.  

I have found this growing quietness in me can be confused for kind of sadness, nostalgia, or even depression, but it is really a gentle knocking at the door of my heart, an invitation to accept that all of life is change. 

When this brings me to the kind of dark places I have…

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The Farther Foundation 

I had the good fortune of learning about the Farther Foundation, and speaking at their benefit this past Thursday.  

In addition to helping a great cause and helping send young scholars to travel the world to inform their aspirations for themselves and their future, it was a chance for me to reflect on my life, past and future and dig deeper into elements I have been sharing with you in this blog.

If you click this link or the photo, you will be taken to the video of me reading the story. There are captions!…

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Tuesday Song arounds at FitzGerald's 

On the third Tuesday of every month, I host the Songwriter in the Round series at FitzGerald’s Sidebar.

This past week my guests were Jeremy David Miller, a well-known Chicago-area music veteran, and Erich Specht of the Push Puppets, who has a new album. They were both GREAT. We had a FANTASTIC time with D. Anson Brody on sound, sharing new songs, seeing mutual longtime friends like Michael Dailey, riffing on themes, and generally just acknowledging that it is good be alive, in all of its messy splendor.


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Celebration of Blair Hull’s Life 

Robin and I had the great honor of playing at the Celebration of Blair Hull’s life concert with a number of fellow musicians we are lucky to also call friends.  

Blair is truly an example of living with generosity and compassion, bringing the Divine into all things.  It was incredibly gracious of Blair to let those who love her celebrate her now, and incredibly generous of Jan Krist to  organize it. 

The artists who performed brought stories, traditional and original songs, and poems as befitted the occasion…

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The Path of Joy 

As hard as we work
the best things in life are free
and freely given

Labor Day.

It means the end of summer to some of us, the beginning of our favorite season to others, and with the beginning of the school year, an almost universal feeling of return to days of deeper and more profound labor.

The Haiku Milieu event at FitzGerald’s this past Friday was itself a celebration of labor, the kind of labor you are born to, but have to choose over and over again.

Do anything you do with love, and it becomes an art.…

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The Strung Out podcast with Marty McCormack 

Martin McCormack. If you ever get the chance to spend a little time with him don’t hesitate. He’s the real deal, as a solo artist, as part of the band Switchback, and as a visual artist, family man, and friend.

We had a great time recording this conversation for his legendary STRUNG OUT podcast. Hope you enjoy it!  


Annie Capps, Annie Bacon, and thou 

What a time it was!

Annie Bacon, Annie Capps were together for a few shows in Michigan at Celebrate Hudson and 20Front Street.

It was magical. Having gotten back just an hour or so ago, I'll leave it at that for now.

So very grateful for Annie and Annie’s wonderful company and superb musicianship, for audiences that listen, laugh and sing along, and for the great gift of being able do what we love.

Speaking of which…thanks for reading. It means the world to me.

Kerrville, TX 2023 and/or eternity 

With June in the rear view and the summer about to roar full speed ahead, here in the trough of the wave, I’m remembering the lovely time we had just one month ago at the 2023 Kerrville Festival.

What a time it was. Old friends, new friends, new friends that felt like old friends, music and sleep deprivation and new songs and cover songs and coffee and guitars GALORE and MORE!

One night as we returned from the concert, the wind blew in out of nowhere. Tents lifted themselves up from their moorings as if to…

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