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8/30: The Songs Are Coming!! Haiku Milieu After Dark 


Friday, August 30, the Friday of Labor Day weekend, it's the third annual Haiku Milieu After Dark!

Like a red carpet but for songs, Haiku Milieu Concerts are a cavalcade of world premiere songs inspired by a Haiku Milieu image and haiku, backed by a band of legends who have shared stages with musical heros too numerous to mention.

The "After Dark" Haiku Milieu features sexy songs. Heartbreaking songs. Songs of love, loss and redemption - songs about things we can…

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"THAT" is the only "WHY" we ever need 

Who knows why something resonates. I wish I knew. 

Once, I was a substitute teacher and got to work with two sets of students in a row. The first class was incredible: they were doing what they did at a very high level, were harmonious and encouraging of each other, and really just needed someone to hold the space so they would keep doing what they were doing.

The next class started later, was at a higher skill level, and while very invested in each other and each other’s work, they were fractious, testy at…

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Kerrville: That's a Wrap! 

Well, that's a wrap on the Kerrville Folk Festival in Kerrville, Texas, where songwriters from all over the world gather to celebrate songwriting and the creative spirit. 

Here's a quick recap: The Grassy Hill New Folk Song Contest happens over Memorial Day weekend in Kerrville, TX. Out of 1341 entries this year -- a record! -- there were 24 finalists. One of them was my husband Robin Bienemann, another was our dear friend Katie Dahl of Door County, Wisconsin. 

Robin was one of the six award winners, and in…

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May 10: Haiku Milieu at The Venue! 

It’s TRUE!

Haiku Milieu comes to The Venue in Aurora, May 10, 8:00 pm. The trailer is all ready for you, here

Get your tickets and get your carpools going, you do NOT want to miss this!

20 amazing artists, 7 who have never participated in Haiku Milieu before, at one of the premiere listening rooms in the Midwest! 

I will be posting about these amazing Haiku Milieu artists for the next seven days straight. So get your beauty rest tonight. We ride at dawn!

And as if that were not enough – 


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NEW BOOK: "Sundays with Jenny Bienemann" 

Brand new book!
"SUNDAYS with JENNY BIENEMANN” available Mother’s Day, 2024!

It came up suddenly. The urge to make a new book and have it ready for our show at the venue on May 10, 2024 the Friday before Mother’s Day. 

Reason kicked in. "That's so soon," I thought, and pushed the thought aside. "I'll think about this for August," I said to myself and went on living.

But right after Easter, the feeling came over me like nothing I have experienced before.

If you have ever felt the pull of your calling, you know…

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Jay Sebastian, forever in our hearts. May 21, 1953 - March 29, 20204 


For Jay

I don’t know how many times I told him I was proud of him
I couldn’t have said it enough
there was too much to say
and I wasn’t sure he wanted to hear it
        but I know
        he knew
        that I knew
I don’t know how many times he paid me a compliment
how often I waved them off
returning them to him
but each one warmed my bones
        and I know
        he knew
        that I knew
I don't know if we'd had more time
what, if anything, we would have done differently
         because in our hearts

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Joe Jencks’ “Let It Breathe” live from Two Way Street Coffeehouse 

Dear friend and award winning singer/songwriter and Joe Jencks wrote “Let it Breathe” inspired by this Sunday Haiku Milieu:

Lay down your weapons
Love has got you surrounded
There is no way out

I had the pleasure of witnessing Joe's performance from the stage at Two Way Street Coffeehouse, contributing harmonies, and being part of the heavenly choir when Joe invited the entire room to sing towards the end of the song. Enjoy the video Robin captured of this special song.

Learn more at joejencks.com. You can also…

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"The Life of a Song" a workshop with Steve Dawson at White Oak Savanna 

June 21st - 23rd, 2024
The Life of a Song with Jenny Bienemann and Steve Dawson

Email to reserve your spot!

"The Life of a Song," is a songwriter's retreat Steve Dawson and I created just for you at White Oak Savanna, a center for sustainable creativity, collaboration and community.

Attendees will learn how to mine inspiration from the world around us, refine ideas into finished songs, and how to stay inspired and connected to the creative muses while navigating the logistical challenges of performing,…

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Naomi Ashley's new album "Love Bug" 

Naomi Ashley’s brilliant new album, “Love Bug.”

Singer/songwriter Naomi Ashley has a phenomenal new album out!

And guess what else: a number of the songs were inspired by the haiku and photo I wrote and shared as part of Haiku Milieu, and presented first at a Haiku Milieu concert. I could not be more honored!

Naomi was featured on WBEZ this week. Listen to the interview with Sasha Ann Simons here on Spotify and read the interview with Mark Guarino here.  

Then, I hope you purchase the album, listen to it on…

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Live Music is THE FUNNEST! 

Mike Konen, photo credit from Heather Horton’s January 18, 2024 concert


Not that stuff they have on in the background of the grocery store or the doctor's office; although that can be fun too. I mean, real, live, LIVE MUSIC that grew out of someone's life and experience that may be JUST what you need to help you move through that thing you couldn't quite get straight in your mind. That’s the experience I had at Heather Horton’s concert.

And if I haven't said it in awhile, let me…

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