Kerrville, TX 2023 and/or eternity

With June in the rear view and the summer about to roar full speed ahead, here in the trough of the wave, I’m remembering the lovely time we had just one month ago at the 2023 Kerrville Festival.

What a time it was. Old friends, new friends, new friends that felt like old friends, music and sleep deprivation and new songs and cover songs and coffee and guitars GALORE and MORE!

One night as we returned from the concert, the wind blew in out of nowhere. Tents lifted themselves up from their moorings as if to greet the storm, and even the electricity hightailed it out of there.  In the dark, by the glow of candles, a group of singer songwriters did what they’re made to do and sang into the darkness.  

Enjoy these 50 seconds of a night in 2023 that could have been happening on that very land since the beginning of time.

With Robin Bienemann, Sadie B. GZ, Belle-Skinner, Kirsten Maxwell, Aaron Smith, Oliver Steck, Lindsey Lee and more.

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