Live Music is THE FUNNEST!

Mike Konen, photo credit from Heather Horton’s January 18, 2024 concert


Not that stuff they have on in the background of the grocery store or the doctor's office; although that can be fun too. I mean, real, live, LIVE MUSIC that grew out of someone's life and experience that may be JUST what you need to help you move through that thing you couldn't quite get straight in your mind. That’s the experience I had at Heather Horton’s concert.

And if I haven't said it in awhile, let me say it again...we live in a GOLDEN AGE of live music in Chicagoland.

It's made by people all around you, people who have lives and kids and families and have to take out the garbage late at night because they should have done it earlier only to have the bag break and spill all over the alley, JUST LIKE YOU and ME! People you can be proud to call your friends and neighbors. And a peaceful army of live music lovers who would be thrilled to welcome you into the family.

For instance, these three artists are familiar to Haiku Milieu audiences, and each has something special happening soon:

Naomi Ashley is releasing her album LOVE BUG on Valentine's Day. YOU'RE WELCOME, those of you searching for a perfect Valentine's Day activity! And is the title song on Naomi's album a song inspired by a Haiku Milieu photo and haiku?  Are others on the album as well? Why don't you come to the show and find out!!  

Rachel Drew is releasing her album OLD SKY NEW on March 28, Holy Thursday for those of you keeping track, so if your family is coming into town for Easter, now you've got something excellent to bring them to. YOU'RE WELCOME! Does she have a song on that album inspired by a Haiku Milieu photo and haiku?  Tell you what - you can ask her yourself at the show. 

And our dear friend Steve Dawson, no stranger to Haiku Milieuvians, is mixing his new album for a Father's Day release even as he and I finalize plans for our “Life of a Song” songwriting retreat hosted by Jonas Friddle at White Oak Folk Festival on June 21, 22 and 23, more info here.  He and I will share our respective creative processes and tips and tricks to bring you into harmony with your own creative capacity.

There's SO MUCH to look forward to - and it all revolves around Live Music.
So if you haven't gotten out to hear music in awhile, mine or anyone else's, why not give it a try? Whatcha got to lose but those stir crazy blues!

And, GUESS WHAT ELSE. We're bringing the party to you, Illinois and Wisconsin! We'd love see you and give you a big hug, so COME ON OUT! 

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