Klem Hayes: Everybody has a secret.

2020: The Year of Bringing Things to Life with Other People

Klem Hayes:  Zeus of the Bass.  Also, husband.  Father.  Friend.  Consumer of chocolate.  Occasional writer of songs, but generally content to let the bass do the talking.  His great secret is: his words are as powerful as his playing.

We wrote a song together for the April 24 Haiku Milieu: Collaboration show.  I asked him to be a guest writer for the blog.  He gave me more than I could have asked for.  Like he always does.

Here's what he wrote:

Everything has been revealed. Every thought has been expressed. Every path has been explored. Every word parsed. Every flavor, color, smell, sound, turn of phrase has been catalogued; everyone has a toothache. Everybody has a secret. Every melody is now part of the public domain. You look familiar. And still we cling to the idea that new perspectives are possible and that we have something to reveal and contribute. 

Ignorance is a blessing. We are blessed. 

While the wealth of our planet's six thousand year history is spilling off the edges I discovered this: If you give something to me I'll try to return it in better condition. - Klem Hayes

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