Tristan's Way

Tristan’s Way 
Jenny Bienemann 

Tristan was a cat 
born on a construction site 
who just loved to work 

Say you were crouched down 
digging through the old junk drawer 
he’d climb in to help 

or doing laundry 
he’d lie on the warm clean clothes 
inspecting your work 

or you’d play guitar  
his tail keeping time until 
you’d pet him again 

He was a man’s cat 
he preferred men’s company 
but women loved him 

He let them love him 
and when no men were around 
he'd turn on the charm 

But he knew somehow 
men needed him in a way 
women never would 

And what he needed 
was to be useful, to work 
to be of service   

Cats don’t get to choose 
they don’t get to kid themselves 
about who they are 

only the humans 
make up an ideal and try 
to live up to it 

finding endless fault 
in themselves and each other 
for not being it 

to know your own mind 
make the difference you can make 
and let the rest go? 

That is Tristan’s Way 
and once you start to choose it 
it will bring you home. 

Rest In Peace, Tristan Michael Bienemann.

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