The Farmer's Market

We have wonderful friends who drop off their home-grown tomatoes at our house.  WHAT SERVICE, right? We are BLESSED! 

There is literally nothing more important to me in the summer than tomatoes.  And peaches.  And corn.   

In addition to our intrepid gardening friends, one of the points of pride of the town we live is our Farmer's Market.  

It is a beautiful place where it feels like everyone is in a good mood, people stop and say hello, and the fruit and vegetables are amazing.  So good, in fact, the experience continues and deepens once you get your bounty home!  

I hope you enjoy this haiku poem inspired by our Farmer's Market. 


Here is what you do: 
go to the Farmer's Market 
and buy tomatoes 

then go find peaches 
the ones that are just about 
bursting with sweetness 

if the sweet corn line 
moves like good conversation 
pick up a few ears 

your joy? contagious. 
people want to stop and talk 
but just keep moving 

vanishing like morning mist 
becoming the air 

your precious cargo 
unloaded from the front seat  
makes itself at home  

you call your mother  
she never picks up the phone 
but at least you tried 

you turn off your phone. 
there can be no distractions 
in this holy place. 

earthy tap water 
a generous pour of salt 
boiling on the stove 

gently, gently, now 
tip the corn in the water  
leave the lid just so 

choose a tomato 
the kind with a knowing look 
a self-confidence 

it will have to be 
good with being almost nude 
barely dressed with oil 

as for the peaches 
there is always at least one 
who knows a secret 

the secret is this: 
you can treat peaches just like 
you treat tomatoes 

today: in slices 
dressed in olive oil and wine 
with salt and pepper 

the corn, ready now 
takes its rightful place, steaming 
on the waiting plate 

the tomatoes and 
peaches invite you to come 
sit at the table 

let everything go 
this is the most important 
moment of your life

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