"The Life of a Song" a workshop with Steve Dawson at White Oak Savanna

June 21st - 23rd, 2024
The Life of a Song with Jenny Bienemann and Steve Dawson

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"The Life of a Song," is a songwriter's retreat Steve Dawson and I created just for you at White Oak Savanna, a center for sustainable creativity, collaboration and community.

Attendees will learn how to mine inspiration from the world around us, refine ideas into finished songs, and how to stay inspired and connected to the creative muses while navigating the logistical challenges of performing, recording and releasing new music. 

We'll address all of your burning questions, including:

- how to connect with the creative flow when you feel locked out
- how to make peace with yourself as a creative being and as a music businessperson
- how to protect your songs and leverage opportunities
- how to know when to push through and when to take a break

and most of all:
how to honor, prioritize and ENJOY yourself and your creative process
always, and in all ways.

We have crafted a weekend of songwriting workshops, prompts and exercises with plenty of time for reflection and sharing, designed to empower YOU to write your own incredible songs and bring them into the world, owning the entire process. 

There is no better place to refresh, renew and focus on one’s craft than White Oak Savanna.  The tranquil nature sanctuary provides peaceful surroundings in which to create while the modern facilities, including stage and sound, provides opportunities to perform in a professional setting.

Meals included in the registration fee are: Friday Dinner, Saturday Continental Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Sunday Brunch. Camp on-sight or find a local B&B or hotel.

June 21st - 23rd, 2024
The Life of a Song with Jenny Bienemann and Steve Dawson. Email Noah to reserve your spot!

Steve Dawson making me laugh with something so true I don't know why I didn't think of it before.

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